Monday, November 16, 2015

Nonie Darwish on Vindy Talk Radio

Click to listen: Nonie Darwish on Vindy Talk Radio Sept. 30, 2015


  1. Islam has at its core the teachings of the primitive Warlord religion invented by Mohammed in the 7th century. These were for the most part aimed at making Mohammed supreme leader and political lord, and enabling him to expand his power and wealth by war and terror. These core teachings have been used for those purposes by muslim leaders ever since to maintain political power under a system of repressive sharia law which governs their civil society ever since.

    Thus Islam is more a political ideology than it is a religion, and seeks as a basic priniciple to obtain political power by creating a theocratical government which makes sharia law the law of the land.

    Islam's basic principles and it sharia law are contrary to the principles on which the United States was founded and are hostile to our constitution and its freedoms. They are directly opposed to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, due process of law, equal protection of the law for all citizens.

    Accordingly Islam should not be treated as a religion as that term is used in the United States Constitution,because it deals with far more than the relation of man to God.It seeks absolute political power and at the moment, it can use the protections given to religions that are only religions to advance its agenda of the destruction of our constitution and freedoms.

    It uses claims of religious discrimination to seek to bully and support its demands to not be "offended" and to push its claims for sharia law and courts, whose principles are contrary to those of our constitution.It also uses its tax exempt status to further these aims.

    As a matter of self preservation the United States must put an end to this situation.

    The surest way to do this in my opinion is by a constitutional amendment that deprives Islam of the priviliges its political ideology enjoys by being considered and treated as a religion.

    Accordingly I have prepared such a proposed amendment and will post its Preamble and Text in the following two posts. I have been a lawyer for more than 50 years, and am now retired, but I cannot sit by idly and watch the attack on our freedom being conducted by Islam without trying to do something in defense of America.

    I hope that you see fit to publicize this proposed amendment and have it become a matter of public discussion, and that in due course it be adopted.

  2. Islam has, at one time or another attacked and conquered Arabia, North Africa, Spain, parts of Eastern Europe, the Holy Land, Constantinople, Persia, Turkey, Afghanistan, and India.

    Followers of Islam attacked the United States on September 1, 2011, destroying the Twin Towers in New York and killing over 3,000 Americans. Followers of Islam have engaged in more than 27,440 terrorist attacks around the world since that date, killing hundreds of thousands of people, in an effort to advance the political, religious and legal ideology known as Islam and to make it dominant over the world.

    The political nature of Islam is well illustrated by its history and by the followers of Islam who call themselves the Islamic State and who, in their war and terror, are following the teachings and commandments of Mohammed.

    Islam has proven itself to be a danger to the national security of the United States and to the preservation of the constitutional rights granted by the Constitution of the United States to its citizens.

    Islam has made use of, and will unless prevented continue to make use of its claim to be treated as a religion, as a tool to advance its political doctrines and practices and its sharia law, all of which are opposed to the United States Constitution and the freedoms granted thereunder, and as a matter of self preservation the United States must put an end to this misuse of the special privileges and immunities granted to a religion.


    The following Amendment to the Constitution, having been approved by and authorized by the vote of two thirds of the House of Representatives and two thirds of the Senate of the United States to be sent to the States for their consideration and action, will be adopted and will go into effect upon approval of the legislatures of three fourths of the States, to-wit:

    Twenty Eighth Amendment

    Sec 1. Islam shall not be considered to be a religion within the meaning of the Constitution, laws, and administrative regulations of the United States or any State or territory or possession thereof.

    Sec 2. No Court of the United States or any state thereof, shall recognize or enforce any form of Sharia Law, nor shall any judgment or decision of any court calling itself a sharia court be recognized or given any effect in the United States or any state or territory or possession thereof. The practice and application of Sharia Law in the United States or any state or territory or possession thereof is forbidden, and no person shall be entitled to use the excuse that his action or inaction was authorized by Sharia Law as a defense or in mitigation of punishment in any civil or criminal proceeding.

    Sec.3. Neither the United States nor any State, territory or possession thereof shall give to Islam or any mosque, or Islamic organization or activity any tax exemption, privilege, concession or consideration that is not equally available to any commercial business.

    Sec 4. No claim of discrimination based on affiliation or connection with Islam shall be allowed in the United States or any State, territory or possession thereof.